Lyme, PANDAS/PANS Coaching & Advocacy

When you or your child is sick, nothing is more important. These illnesses up the ante even more.

PANS/PANDAS/Lyme/Coinfections Advocacy & Coaching: 

When a seemingly-routine strep infection turns your child into an entirely different person, it can feel as though your once-healthy, well-adjusted child has been kidnapped. When a fever turns your sweet, loving child into a ball of anxiety, you don't know where to turn for help. Doctors may be pressuring you to treat the problem Psychiatrically, but you have a strong "gut feeling" that something else is going on here.

When parents suspect their child's illness may be Lyme Disease/coinfections and/or PANS/PANDAS, they are up against a GREAT DEAL of overwhelming obstacles. Many crucial decisions must be made at every step of the process, from assessment and diagnosis through treatment. Since these illnesses are not well recognized by the mainstream medical establishment, parents can feel lost and unsure of what needs to happen.

Liza Shaw is an experienced advocate and coach who can guide patients and/or parents through this very difficult time. While she is NOT a doctor or medical practitioner, she has years of experience working with parents of kids with these illnesses as well as patients themselves, and has a wealth of knowledge to share. 

With Liza's Lyme/PANS/PANDAS Health Advocacy and Coaching, parents/patients are guided through the various important aspects of the journey, including:


  • Finding the Right Doctors
  • Understanding Testing
  • Advocating for the Child
  • Learning About Treatment Options: Medical or Natural Methods 
  • Trusting Your Intuition
  • Understanding the Importance of Diet and Nutrition 
  • Responding to/Communicating with the Child's School
  • Helping the Child to Cope with Illness
  • Supporting Family Members 

Working with a Lyme-Literate, PANDAS/PANS Literate Coach and Advocate can provide the direction that has been missing.  


"Liza really helped us navigate the confusing world of PANDAS. Her knowledge blew me away, and her compassion was sorely needed. I learned how to take a stand with the doctors and fight for my child's rights at her school. Without Liza's help, I don't know how any of us would have made it through."

~ Mother of three children, all with PANDAS/PANS

"Liza has been our lifeline as we have navigated through the PANS/Lyme maze. Because of her vast knowledge, she has given us the best advice. We would not be where we are now without her." 

~ Mother of three children: two with Lyme, one with PANS, who also has Lyme herself.     

"I was at the end of my rope when I found Liza. I strongly suspected that I have had PANDAS/PANS and Lyme since I was a child, but I could not find any medical doctors to take me seriously. Liza provided the guidance I needed, to understand how to advocate for myself. I learned about what tests to ask the doctor for, and the results convinced the doctor that I needed to be treated medically -- not psychiatrically. Liza also provided guidance on how to deal with my husband, who had no idea how to grasp this new information. 

~ PANDAS/PANS/Lyme Patient, age 38



The comfort of your own home...

 Much of our coaching and advocacy services can be provided over the telephone or via HIPAA-Compliant video conferencing, 

therefore, it is not necessary to be in the same location.


Liza will email a link to connect with her via, a free, online tele-conferencing application. From start to finish, these services are provided at your convenience, designed to fit around your schedule.

Call for more information on these services: 

(828) 328-4673


 Lyme/PANS/PANDAS Health Advocacy and Coaching services are NOT the same as receiving Therapy. While Liza can provide valuable coaching around relationship issues, clients receiving coaching services may discover that they also need more in-depth therapeutic services. These clients would be required to complete the usual intake process and participate in face to face sessions at least some of the time. If Health Advocacy and Coaching Clients need therapy and cannot work with Liza face to face, she will make appropriate referrals.

Paperwork Downloads

To become a new Lyme Coaching client, follow the link, above, to the LymeTyme Consulting website.

To become a new PANS coaching client, download paperwork below entitled "New Coaching Paperwork." After completing, email to:  Someone from our office will contact you within 1-2 business days to schedule your first appointment. 

To arrange for Liza Shaw to order Great Plains Testing (Mycotox, Organic Acids Test, etc.), download paperwork below entitled "GPL Testing." After completing, email to Someone from our office will contact you within 1-2 business days to schedule your first appointment. 

To arrange for Liza Shaw to order a Galaxy Labs test, download paperwork below entitled "Galaxy Labs Testing." After completing, email to Someone from our office will contact you within 1-2 business days to schedule your first appointment.

New Coaching Paperwork (pdf)


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