Free Downloads

The free resources, below, will provide you with tools to help create a thriving life. 

  • Assertiveness Skills: Understand the difference between being Aggressive, Passive and Assertive.

  • What Is a Therapeutic Separation: A description of how a Therapeutic Separation might be useful to a couple in crisis.

  • Blame vs. Responsibility:  Distinguish between blaming and taking ownership of your life. Learn the power that comes with the latter.

  • Codependency Quiz: See if you possess characteristics of Codependency.

  • Sample Child Cell Phone Contract: Teach responsibility. Create agreements with your child before handing over a smart phone.

  • Suggested Guidelines...: Learn how to have firm boundaries with a recovering person, in early recovery.

  • Vicious Cycles: Discover the mutually reinforcing patterns of dysfunctional behavior in relationships.