Individual, Group, or Family Therapy

Teens sometimes need help transitioning, especially when there have been challenges such as parents' divorce, remarriage, moving into a new house or school, or problems with peers. Therapy can strengthen their ability to withstand peer pressure, reject drug alcohol and cigarette use, and develop healthy relationships with their friends and family members. 

Kids between ages 13 and 18 can benefit from meeting with a Marriage and Family Therapist in various modalities including individually, in a group, or with their families. Sometimes our therapists will request that a teenager bring their family or friends in to sessions, to help us get to know them better. Therapy for teens includes playing therapeutic games, strategizing about goals, or just talking about things in life that are bothering them or causing stress. Our therapists work closely with parents of children, to develop behavior plans and track improvement. 

Notice to all Parents:

Our policy requires that any time we are working with minor children, we must first meet with one or all parents/caregivers. This allows us to take a detailed history of the challenges and begin developing a treatment plan of how we might help them.   ​

We welcome everyone.