Get a Powerful Start to Your Life Together

Few decisions in life are more important than your decision to marry. The  U.S. statistics on successful marriage can feel truly daunting, and even in really great relationships, many people feel nervous and sometimes under-prepared for the big challenges that life together may pose.

Here's what one bride-to-be said about working with Liza Shaw in premarital therapy:


"Pre-Marital Therapy sounded like it was going to be all serious and heavy. But when Liza led us through the "Relationship Vision Quest," it was actually really fun! We discovered so many important aspects of the relationship that we wanted to build on together, and when it was finished, not only had we discovered the theme to our wedding, but we had the blueprint for our marriage! 

I HIGHLY recommend anyone thinking of spending the rest of your lives with someone, to go through this process with Liza. And when you're finished, you can even have her officiate the wedding, too! What a bonus!"


Let us Help You Plan Your Future

Marriage is the beginning of a new life together. Premarital Therapy provides an  engaged couple with a structured format to plan this life together. Our Marriage and Family Therapists are well-trained to lead you step-by-step  through crucial conversations, such as: 

  • How finances will be handled
  • Whether or not to have children and if so, how to develop a mutually compatible parenting approach
  • How to develop healthy communication patterns for a lifetime of fulfillment
  • Learning new conflict resolution strategies to handle inevitable difficulties with mutual love and support as your foundation
  • Agreements about housework and chores
  • Maintaining healthy friendships outside of the marriage
  • Managing relationships with in-laws, ex-spouses, etc.
  • Blended Family Issues
  • Creating a fulfilling, passionate relationship
  • Addressing expectations regarding emotional and sexual intimacy
  • "Affair-proofing" your marriage
  • Developing a "Mission Statement" for your relationship, based on mutually satisfying agreements
  • Others as needed​

We welcome everyone.