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Want to Raise Responsible and Empowered Kids? Learn the Love and Logic Technique.

Caring for and raising children is possibly one of the most challenging -- and potentially, most rewarding tasks a human being can endeavor to take on. Even great parents and caregivers can be baffled by some of the circumstances they face as they take care of their children.

“Parenting the Love and Logic ® Way” is a Better Approach to Raising Kids.

Parenting with Love and Logic provides simple and practical techniques to help parents experience less stress and  have more fun, while raising more responsible, empowered kids. This parenting approach offers many useful techniques that can be applied immediately. Examples of these techniques are listed, to the right.

Techniques taught in our coaching/classes:

  • Setting limits using "enforceable statements"
  • Sharing control through offering child lots of small choices
  • Building relationships with the "one sentence intervention"
  • Neutralizing arguing with the "brain dead technique"
  • Delivering natural, "real-world" consequences with empathy instead of anger -- this encourages kids to be accountable for their behavior and learn from their mistakes



“Your class has provided practical and effective methods of responding to my kids' testing, and now, we have much fewer power struggles than ever. Love and Logic has allowed me to develop a mutual respectful, trusting relationship with each of my children. I worry less about whether or not they are going to make good decisions, because now I know how to help them learn through the bad ones!”

~ Previous Participant and Father of 3, ages 2-13


"Before learning Love and Logic, my parenting style went back and forth between constant hovering and reminding (helicopter-parent), and shouting out with command & control (drill sergeant parent). It never felt good and I always walked around with a combination of anxiety and guilt. I was terrified that my kids were growing up 'entitled,' and that they would not learn how to be responsible for themselves. Now that I learned how to be a Love and Logic Parent, I am confident that my parenting skills are encouraging my children to be the best that they can be. I can consistently (and CALMLY!) set boundaries and provide consequences when necessary. My children's self-esteem has grown like never before as they now have an understanding that their choices are their's to make. So when they make good choices, their confidence grows, and when they make bad ones, they learn valuable life lessons. I am so grateful to have finally learned an effective way to parent these future leaders!"

~ Previous Participant and Mother of 2, ages 7 and 17

Using Love and Logic in the Classroom

9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom ®

So teachers can get back to the job of teaching, and students can learn and grow. 

A proven effective program utilized by public and private schools all over the United States. Love and Logic allows teachers lead their classrooms with a combination of firm boundaries, an environment of empathy and caring, and logical consequences. This program builds children's self esteem as they learn to be responsible for their choices -- good or bad. 

This course can be taught on-site at the school, or at our location. It can be offered as a 6-session course, or a full 10-session long curriculum that corresponds to the months in a school year. 

Call us to learn more about the 9 Essential Skills program. Our students and teachers deserve to truly THRIVE. 


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