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Liza Shaw

Liza is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been practicing since 1999. Clients of Liza's are encouraged to move their lives and relationships beyond the limitations from the past, to breakthrough levels. 

Her style is respectful, directive, compassionate, and challenging. She takes a stand that all people deserve extraordinary lives, and she understands what it takes to help them achieve this. Liza specializes in Marital and Couples Therapy, as well as family and individual therapy. She possesses many years of training, has demonstrated a high level of competence with Marriage and Couples Therapy, values the institutions of marriage and life-long commitment, and is dedicated to helping marriages succeed, if at all possible. 

In addition to providing Marriage, Family and Individual Therapy services, Liza also provides life coaching and advocacy services. From leading business executives to achieve goals they never thought possible, to assisting patients and their families who are struggling with Lyme Disease, PANS/PANDAS and autoimmune diseases, Liza has a wealth of knowledge and skill to share with her clients.

Liza is also the Director of  Marriage and Family Therapy Services. She received her Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Appalachian State University in 1999 and began her private practice at that time. She also served as past-chairperson of the Public Relations Committee for the NCAMFT (North Carolina Association of Marriage and Family Therapy) from 2010-2012. 



"I consider it my personal mission to reduce the divorce rate in the United States... 

one couple at a time. But preventing divorce will only be successful if in place of 

unfulfilling or chronically dysfunctional marriages, couples develop truly thriving marriages and deeply fulfilling relationships. Even in the most hopeless-seeming cases, 

couples can heal the damage from the past and move forward in a healthier way. Not all marriages can be saved, but when couples do the work to heal the past, their future can be happier, no matter what the outcome for the relationship."   

~ Liza Shaw 

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