Free Initial Consults

Free Initial Consults Provide a No Obligation Opportunity to Explore Possibilities...

After all, therapy is, above all else, a relationship

Relationships require several important components, including a sense of compatibility, a foundation of trust, and a feeling of "connectedness." Clients must feel safe to share some of the more intimate details of their lives before they can feel confident in their commitment to therapy. 

And relationships can sometimes feel risky.

Trust-building takes work, and requires a willingness to take some risks. Often, clients enter therapy with a damaged sense of trust. We realize this presents a particularly challenging paradox: clients must be willing to trust their therapist, in order for the therapist to help them repair their ability to trust.

What a Free Initial Consult is, and isn't:

Some of our therapists offer the opportunity to sit down together, face-to-face, before making the commitment to enter into the therapeutic relationship. This allows a potential client to ask questions about the therapy process and clarify what their therapeutic goals and objectives might be. 

These consults last between 15 and 30 minutes. They require an appointment to be made ahead of time, to ensure adequate time will be allotted for this important meeting. If a potential client cannot attend this meeting after they have made the appointment, we ask that they provide as much notice as possible for this cancellation, so that we can move other interested potential clients into that time slot. 

Free Initial consults can also allow the therapist to help potential clients determine the direction they can move in, even if this conversation may lead to a discovery that therapy might not be necessary or just might not be the very next step. Occasionally, our therapists can refer to a different clinician -- either within our group, or even at a different location. Our first priority is to help point clients in the direction of getting their needs met in the best possible way, no matter where that might lead them. Free initial consults can be very useful to provide potential clients this assistance.

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Even if you aren't certain whether you want to make the commitment of working with one of our therapists, there is no risk in scheduling a free consultation. 

Come learn how Marriage and Family Therapy Services is different from other counseling practices. We believe that once you have experienced what we have to offer, you will see what a difference our expertise can make. 

Free initial consults are NOT the same as therapy. Participating in a free initial consult does not constitute a therapeutic contract or agreement. It cannot replace the need for therapy, however we do find that most clients who participate in a free initial consult experience a sense of new found direction and empowerment, no matter what the outcome. 

Potential clients can only attend one initial free consult, and while we are reasonable to true, unavoidable emergencies, may forfeit this opportunity if they do not honor our cancellation policy.  

Free Lunch-n-Learns


Workshops for small-to-medium-sized groups

Our clinicians offer free 60-90 minute workshops, for groups of 10 - 30 people. Church groups, women's groups, non-profits and small teams of employees have all benefited from our entertaining and informational presentations. We consisted have received excellent evaluations for our workshops and presentations.

We provide these services either at our location, or off-site 

(at our discretion, based on circumstances and availability) 

Topics for previous workshops include:

  • Stress Management
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Parenting Strategies that ACTUALLY WORK
  • Marital Transformation: Bringing PASSION back 
  • Relationships WITHOUT Codependency
  • Transforming Your Organization: Work-teams that ACTUALLY WORK
  • Team Building
  • Strategic Planning

Bring us your topic ideas and allow us to custom design a Lunch-n-Learn 

to fit your group's needs and goals. 

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