Equine Therapy Open House Registration

Thank you for your interest in our event! Please read event rules, and complete registration form be

Marriage and Family Therapy Services is co-sponsoring this Equine Therapy Open House with Walk with Me at Stillwaters Farm on October 3, 2019 (rain date October 17, 2019) from 6 to 7:30 p.m.  

The purpose of this event is educational -- to allow participants to learn more about Equine Therapy and get a chance to experience what an Equine Therapy session might feel like. While the experience may provide opportunities for participants to gain insight into themselves and their lives, this event is in no way meant to serve as any form of Therapy, no should it be considered a replacement for participating in therapy or any other form of medical treatment. 

As this is an Open House, there will be no assumption of confidentiality. Participants who complete the registration process, do so with the express understanding that neither MFTS nor Walk with Me/Stillwater Farm assume any liability for participants' safety during this event. Completing the registration process is considered an express agreement to waive any liability for any harm or damage that might arise as a result of participating. 

This event is open to all ages, however, children must be aged 10 or older to enter the arena, and each child must be accompanied by a responsible adult (1 adult per child). All participants must wear closed toed shoes and long pants.


Completing your Form:

Please complete one form per participant. If you are an adult bringing children, you must complete your own form and then 1 for each child. attending. You may use the same email address for the children as for the adult if they do not have their own email address.


Research has confirmed the many benefits of equine therapy. It can lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate, alleviate stress and decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression. There are many life skills that a horse can teach better than a person!


Please complete entire form or it will be disqualified.